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For more information about Eva Crow including scheduling appointments and healing journeys, please contact her at 678-620-3528 or click here to send her an email.





Eva Crow, a medical intuitive, promotes the personal and spiritual growth of her clients by utilizing her skills in emotional counseling, intuitive bodywork and energy visualization. These techniques, when used as Alternative or Complimentary Therapy, in conjunction with traditional medical therapies, a balanced diet and personal effort can achieve significant growth and wellness that encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.





I dedicate my life and its resources to healing, that is, to enhance and empower the life and well being of others.

I believe that to heal and assist others is a holistic enterprise,
not limited to physical knowledge and mechanics.

I promise to devote my days to learning and growth in my abilityto aid my clients; thus using all the gifts and understanding bestowed upon me to advance the welfare of my fellow man.

Above all, I hold sacred the importance, the greatness,
and the autonomy of the individual. Therefore, I promise to strive to do no harm as I enhance and empower the lives of all
who seek the benefits of my studies, gifts and knowledge.

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