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Healing Services

Eva’s approach to treatment begins from the perspective that each person’s circumstances are unique. She has treated a variety of physical conditions, a partial list includes: cancer, depression, bipolar disorder, autism, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, physical injuries, and emotional disorders.  Eva has no set rules or protocols for the treatment of any particular condition.  No matter what the condition, Eva’s focus is always on finding the emotional or spiritual disturbance that helped to create it.  Eva customizes each treatment, tuning into her Spirit Guides for insight on the specific needs of each individual.  While all treatments plans are unique the results are the same – People are healed and inspired to help others embark on their own healing journey. 


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Hands on Healing

Remote Healing
Energetic Space Clearing for Homes and Businesses

Phone Sessions
In Home and Institutional Sessions
Crystal Bed Energy Bath Sessions


Eva’s primary treatment method is hands-on-healing.  Everyone’s first treatment includes a “blue print” reading of their “house” (the body/mind).  The physical body will reveal the issues that must be addressed in order for you to achieve freedom, and Eva will explain these issues and the necessary requirements for releasing them. Eva encourages you to realize that offering forgiveness to others and seeking forgiveness for yourself is necessary for well being. 

In most cases the source of physical decline is an emotional disturbance that occurred early in this life or something that has been carried over from another lifetime. Eva assists you in gaining understanding of the issues that cause biological defenses to breakdown, the specific effects these issues have on physical health, and customize a treatment protocol that leads to recovery.   In order to create the best plan for each individual, Eva works with a team of practitioners including: medical doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, reiki masters, chiropractors, dowsers, feng shui masters, and psychic surgeons.

During sessions, Eva gently and firmly guides you to uncover your personal truth.  She teaches you how to heal by harnessing the power of love, and as a result you also learn to live in a way that is structured, but not rigid.  In each session you learn to move through fears, and to view yourself and others with greater compassion. As inner light is discovered the ability to accept yourself and others increases, and this healing has positive effects on the physical body.  While this journey of self discovery may at times feel like a bumpy ride, it is one well worth taking.  Along the way, Eva assists you in learning the song of reconciliation between yourself and your understanding of God.  In the end you come to understand the wisdom of the call to be in the world, but not of the world.  It will be one hell of a ride, but a journey worth taking!

Remote Healing Sessions

Often people come to Eva complaining that they feel stuck; no matter what they do things do not change for the better, they only get worse.  As a result of these types of conditions Eva is often guided to perform a remote healing.  Using her Brazilian and Peruvian shamanic training along with the power of the Holy Spirit, Eva is able to clear deeply entrenched issues that hold people back.  During this process Eva is guided by the Masters, Angels and the Holy Spirit and engages the help of shamans, dowsers and practitioner’s accomplished in the art of prayer.  Remote healings may take 4 to 12 weeks, which allows Eva to delve deeply into the addictions, fears, and anger (some of which may be from past lives) that hold people hostage.  Following this type of work people have increased clarity and awareness, they make better choices in life and are able to move forward. Remote healing work reveals the mysterious network of events that influence an individual’s life.  Most people find the information that Eva reports from her remote healing sessions quite intriguing, it can help them to understand issues in ways they had never considered before.

Energetic Space Clearing for Homes and Businesses

room energyEverything in the material world and the universe is made of energy.  This includes our bodies, thoughts, words, homes and businesses. It is important to remember that we are constantly co-creating our realities.  Co-creating our realities is a process of energy exchange that affects everyone and everything that we come into contact with, including the spaces where we live and work.

Often people walk into a room and notice that something does not feel right or recognize that being around a particular person drains their energy.  In both cases the individual’s intuition is trying to show that the environment is charged with negative energy.  The more negative energy that surrounds a person the more negative energy they attract.  This is also the case with positive energy.Each of us is capable of creating positive or negative energy to surround us and we may need help clearing the negative energy from time to time.  Eva uses her knowledge of shamanism and the spiritual world to assist in space clearing.  Her list of space clearing tools includes salt, alcohol, sage, candles, holy water, anointing oils, magnetic “passes,” and prayers.  Whether Eva performs this clearing alone or accompanied by others from her group of healers, dowsers and feng shui experts, it is certain that you will notice the difference in the space once the clearing is complete.

Phone Sessions

energyhThere are times when Eva is guided to do healing over the phone.  The process begins when you contact Eva by phone at a number she provides.  Each session includes a consultation where Eva explains the events of the session, prayer and the actual healing. For more information regarding this unique and exciting healing session contact Eva.

In-Home and Institutional Sessions

There are many reasons that lead people to request in home sessions from Eva, including an inability to travel, hospitalization or the need for certain forms of exorcism.  Regardless of the circumstances, Eva is available to travel as needed, and often she is accompanied by someone from her adjunct team of healers.  Fees for these sessions vary according to the distance and circumstances.  For more information regarding this service contact Eva.

Crystal Bed Energy Bath Sessions

enrgy bathThe crystal energy bed was developed for use at the Casa Dom Ingnacio in Abadiana Brazil.  The crystal bed in Eva’s office was designed exclusively for her by Joao Deus (John of God).  A 30 minute session under these energized crystals stimulates all the chakras and is deeply relaxing.  Gentle waves of energy pass over the body as you lie on this comfortable bed and listen to soft music.  The crystals emit energetic frequencies compatible with the body’s own energy, promote cleansing, realignment of the chakras and “seals” the healing work.  John of God recommends this form of light therapy for the treatment of most physical illnesses, especially stress related disorders.  To schedule a crystal bed session contact Eva.


Eva is a certified hypnotherapist and belongs to the National Guild of Hypnotists. She uses a variety of hypnotherapy techniques to help people during the change process.  Eva uses hypnotherapy to help people stop smoking, relieve stress, set and attain goals, remove blocks, manifest physical healing , stop pain, release spiritual attachments and for past life regression. 


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